Galaxy understands that children are unsure about trying gymnastics

The most common complaint's are I won't be any good or I will never be able to do that and many parents are reluctant to commit to any financial layout without first finding out if the children are capable, well now is the perfect opportunity to find out with our 


Yes that's right a totally free 1 hour lesson to answer the above question's

To obtain your free lesson either phone us on 01582 454934 or e-mail us on the link, we will then arrange a convenient date and time for the free lesson to take place, you will have to fill in a short form on arrival ( for insurance purposes )

Its as simple as that.  We look forward to seeing you soon

What to wear a leotard ( if you have one ) shorts and sports type t-shirt or P E kit

*Terms and Conditions

Offer applies to under 16 years old only. Only applies to children wanting to try gymnastics for the first time.

Does not apply as follows = children with previous experience or have obtained a gymnastics award.

Not available during the school holidays activity programme

Not available at Lewsey branch classes

A free 1 hour lesson is only available at the  time and discretion of the head coach